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We provide instant funding for traders.
Zero loss liability. No demo challenges.

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Lack of capital holding you back?

Growing a small account can be painfully slow when you’re lacking in funds.
With our instant funding for traders, you can access the capital you need to generate income and work towards financial success.
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Get Access to enough capital to
generate income and grow your wealth


Sick of demo challenges?

You’re not in school any more: the only person you have to prove anything to is yourself. Fast track your trading with our instant funding.

No demos, time frame targets or challenges - just trading, pure and simple.

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Forget over-leveraging yourself.

Transform from a casino gambler into an observant market professional.

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$1 million in capital

Grow to fund manager and get access
to a life changing amount of capital.

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Fast track your trading with BluFX


We’ve funded
over 90,000 traders


We’ve saved
our traders millions
in blown accounts


We’ve transformed thousands of lives by providing traders with the tools for financial success

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How does BluFX’s funding for traders work?

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Register with your full name, email address and password.

This will give you access to your dashboard.

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Choose your funded forex account and pay your subscription fee.

You'll then fill in your billing details and upload proof of address and ID, then sign our subscription agreement.

Once your documents have been verified by our compliance team, we'll send you a confirmation email. This process can take a few hours.

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Once verified all you have to do is log in to your dashboard and access your CTRADER download link from the "My BluFX" section from the left-hand panel and you're ready to start trading.

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Why pay for demo challenges when you could get instant funding?

Get funded today and start your journey

At BluFX, we know that most traders have several challenges to overcome: getting financial backing and successfully managing risk...

That’s why we wanted to make our funding for traders as simple - and risk-free - as possible. We provide fully funded forex accounts and remove personal loss liability to reduce risk.

To do this, we charge a monthly subscription fee - this allows us to operate without loss, so we can keep supporting traders on their journeys to financial success.

So - what’s our goal? We want to find the best traders across the globe and nurture their talent by giving them the capital they need to reach their full potential.

Our trading parameters are based on behavioural trading data - which guarantees that those able to progress through each stage can become a full-time $1,000,000 fund manager.

Our platform allows us to discover - and support - the world’s best traders while nurturing new talent too.

Why pay for demo challenges?

Choose our instant funding for traders and start your journey today.

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